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Us┼éyszysz dwukrotnie rozmow─Ö o planach Kevina, Daleya i Emmy na weekend. Uzupe┼énij luki 1-7 w poni┼╝szym e-mailu Emmy do kole┼╝anki zgodnie z tre┼Ťciami zawartymi w nagraniu. Luki nale┼╝y uzupe┼éni─ç w j─Özyku angielskim. W ka┼╝d─ů luk─Ö mo┼╝esz wpisa─ç od 1 do 5 wyraz├│w.

From: Emma

To: Karen

Subject :Last weekend

Hi Karen,

How was your weekend? Hope it was better than mine... I spent Sunday with my flatmates, Kevin and Daley. Kevin wanted to1... but wasn't sure what. Daley suggested going to the science museum. Can you imagine?! We study science every day, and he wanted even more of it at the weekend! When I mentioned pizzas and video games, Kevin was opposed. He said we played video games 2...  and he didn't want a pizza for the fourth time in a row. I don't know what's wrong with having a pizza every day. Daley was in his 'scientific mood' and recommended Bryony Fox's talk at the university. I thought it was 3... Then I found this ad on the internet about 'The zero-G experience'! You know, it's when you feel as 4...  as an astronaut in the space station. We wanted to go for it but the price shocked us. They wanted 5... pounds per person! Daley came across the ad about the 6...  show at Reading. We were ready to set off right away - but then it started pouring with rain and, despite all our efforts, we had to stay at home. So, we ended up as usual -with video games and pizzas. Oh well, after all, you 7.... with pizza.

Let me know how you spent your weekend,


Focus 3. Second Edition. Kompendium maturalne ─ćwiczenie 1 strona 2

Hi Karen,How was your weekend? Hope it was better than
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Focus 3. Second Edition. Kompendium maturalne rozwi─ůzania

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