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Read the text. Write the verbs in brackets in the correct tense in your notebook.

My grandmother(1)?(be) from Hong Kong, so the Chinese New Year is an important festival in our family. It(2)? (take) place in January or February each year. Before the festival,Grandma always (3) ? (clean) the house, but l hardly ever(4)? (help) her. Sorry Grandma! But I often(5)? (decorate) the house with her. Grandma always (6)?(give) us money in a red envelope for New Year. We sometimes (7) ? (go) to the Magical Lantern Festival in London's China Town. The lanterns are amazing.Today, I (8)? (make) some lanterns for the house. My cousin(9)? (help) me. He (10)?(stay) at our house for a few months while he (11) ? (/earn) English.That's good, because i (12) ? (not speak) much Chinese. We(13) ? (cut) out some cardboard for the lanterns at the moment.

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My grandmother is from Hong Kong, so the Chinese New
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